Obviously in say North Carolina, we have assault with a deadly weapon, can be a vehicle, hit and runs, or misdemeanors. There’s a variety of traffic criminal cases that involve vehicles.

I have had my share of cases of individuals that for whatever reason tempers have flared and they have acted inappropriately, or one has pointed a gun at another person, or there has been words or verbal altercations, or in sometimes assaultive behavior.

Depending on a person’s prior record, it is a misdemeanor and you could potentially be placed on supervised probation and have to see a probation officer once a month for a period of time and pay court cost fines and fees. So obviously you’re trying to avoid a criminal conviction and you’re also trying to handle the matter so that you are not going to be on some lengthy probation.

If you know you’ve been involved in a hit and run, or for that matter any kind of misdemeanor, or if you need legal advice before you get charged, we’re there for you, and we will offer a free consultation over the phone the day that you call.

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