A serious auto accident or tractor-trailer truck wreck is a devastating event. Medical care, lost time from work, and the need for ongoing therapy can throw family finances into chaos. A fatal auto accident or plane crash is always tragic, and it can also cause extreme financial difficulties for survivors. The surest way to begin deal with the effects of a motor vehicle accident is to contact an experienced car accident attorney.

At Criminal Law Wilmington, we give personalized, individualized attention to every client and every case. Our attorneys are ready to assist you as you put your life back together after an accident on the I-40 thoroughfare or any other roadway.

At the time of your free initial consultation, we will begin the process of working toward a settlement or verdict that will make a financially stable, independent life possible once again. We offer advice that is specific to your case, but some advice is universal, including:

  • Do not settle your personal injury case until you have been released from the care of your doctors and are feeling better, and spoke with an attorney. Watch out for insurance companies that pressure you to sign within a few days of an injury – before you know what complications may develop.
  • Ask an attorney about Statutes of Limitation and other filing deadlines that may affect your case.
  • Keep track of all expenses related to your injury, including prescription receipts, logged mileage for trips to doctors’ offices or physical therapy appointments, co-pays, purchases of medical equipment and other home care expenses.
  • Keep on ongoing, detailed list of all health care providers and facilities that you see to help you deal with your injuries.
  • Follow all treatment instructions and attend all scheduled appointments with your doctors and therapists to document your active cooperation with the healing and rehabilitation process.


If you have been injured in an 18-wheeler accident, Criminal Law Wilmington can investigate and file claims on all potentially responsible insurance sources. Our goal is to see that you are fully compensated for any losses brought about by your accident.


If a plane crash resulted in a catastrophic injury or the death of a family member, we are prepared to assist you in all aspects of your claim. We will advise you on whether, and how, to join an appropriate class action suit. If necessary, we can help you recover damages for the loss of a loved one by filing a wrongful death lawsuit on your behalf.


To schedule a free initial phone consultation with an experienced North Carolina personal injury lawyer, contact Criminal Law Willmington.

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