Law enforcement and prosecutors vigorously prosecute domestic violence cases, even when the alleged victim wants to drop the charges. You need to make sure your rights are protected.

If you have been accused of domestic violence or spousal battery, seek help from an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney at Criminal Law Wilmington. Wilmington domestic violence lawyer Michelle Sparrow is a former assistant prosecutor who knows firsthand that law enforcement agencies handle domestic violence allegations with the utmost seriousness and aggressiveness. We are well-prepared to defend your rights and help you fight against domestic violence charges.

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Criminal Law Wilmington vigorously protects clients’ rights after they are charged with serious crimes. For more than 15 years, domestic violence defense attorney Michelle Sparrow has been committed to providing clients with knowledgeable defense and a hands-on approach. Our detailed focus provides us with the opportunity to effectively investigate every step law enforcement took before making a domestic violence arrest.

We are tough criminal defense attorneys, well-prepared to protect your rights. We will fight to have the charges dismissed if police officers did not have probable evidence or a warrant to arrest you. We have extensive experience defending clients facing serious domestic violence allegations, involving:

Each case is unique. We understand that; so we help clients involved in a wide range of domestic abuse allegations. Regardless of whether the accusation was made by a partner, spouse, parent or child, we are here to defend you and protect your rights. Part of the firm’s success over the years has stemmed from our ability to listen intently to our clients’ side of the story, investigate the situation, gather evidence, interview witnesses and develop a strong defense with all that information.


If the charges against you cannot be dropped, we will fight to have the penalties reduced. Testimony from a psychologist or psychiatrist, for example, could help convince the court that you do not pose a threat to your family or the community. We are also prepared to help you enroll in anger management or a substance abuse program to demonstrate that you are proactively seeking help.

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