Were you arrested and charged with a crime in North Carolina, but were found not guilty or had the charges dismissed? Has this record caused problems for you when you applied for a job or attempted to lease an apartment?

In North Carolina, the general rule is you are entitled to one expungement in your lifetime. Certain types of misdemeanors and felonies may be expunged. Contact a North Carolina expungement attorney at Criminal Law Wilmington to discuss your circumstances and if you are entitled to an expungement.

Not Guilty or Dismissed cases: Criminal Cases where individuals were found not guilty or a dismissed still appear on the public records. An expungement directs the Clerk of Court in the county where the offense occurred to purge the public records of court pertaining to the offense.

Misdemeanor Cases: Even if you have pled guilty to our been found guilty of a misdemeanor offense, under certain circumstances, including if you were under 21 for alcohol and drug related offenses and under 18 for other types of misdemeanors, you may be eligible to have your public record expunged.

Other cases: There are circumstances were a person does not meet the qualifications for expungement where it may be possible to reopen the case, thus leading to a later opportunity for expunction.

An Order of Expungement purges all official state records relating to the offense, except for a confidential file that is retained by the Administrative Office of the Courts. This file can only be seen by Judges of the General Court of Justice in North Carolina to determine whether a person has been previously granted an expungement. It cannot be seen by the general public and will not show up on background checks conducted to determine eligibility for student loans, housing and employment opportunities.

We will need to know certain information before we can discuss legal options and the possible availability of an expunction. This information includes:

  • What was the offense?
  • What was the outcome (conviction, dismissed, not guilty)?
  • How old were you at the time of the offense?
  • In what county did this occur?


For help with any questions regarding an expungement in North Carolina, contact an experienced lawyer at Criminal Lawyer in Wilmington, North Carolina today.

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