Domestic abuse cases are taken seriously by law enforcement which is why it’s essential you protect yourself with an experienced criminal defence attorney like the experts at the Sparrow Law Firm.

Every state has its own definition of domestic violence but it can also go by a variety of names like domestic abuse In North Carolina, domestic violence is defined as physical, emotional, sexual, or financial harassment that can take place both in person or over another form of communication like email or internet.

Whether you are facing a domestic abuse charge or you need to file against your spouse, these cases need to be taken seriously. These cases can become complex quickly, and it is important to take action to make sure your rights are protected, especially when there are children involved.

If you are facing a domestic abuse charge you might be immediately separated from your family and even your home. The consequences can become increasingly severe without the right legal counsel.

We understand how difficult domestic abuse cases can be on the entire family. If you or someone you know is facing domestic abuse, don’t delay. Contact an expert from the Sparrow Law Firm who can help you through this trying process.