We’ve handled a vast number of traffic ticket cases. You see a lot of careless and reckless driving. Hit and runs, people not stopping at the scene of an accident. Those are some of the more serious ones. Also, people driving while license revoked. They may have gotten a ticket and somehow it got lost or they missed the court date and the next thing you know, they don’t have a valid license.

We see a lot of tickets I40 East West, I95, all of those highways. They’re heavily patrolled. They also have checkpoints in this area and the checkpoints can get anything from no operators license to other traffic matters to driving while license revoked to driving while impaired cases. North Carolina does have a lot of checkpoints at different times in different areas.

If you’re traveling through North Carolina and you receive a ticket, you don’t have to stay in North Carolina. Most times we can handle that traffic ticket without you coming back to North Carolina. We can do everything over the phone and through email. We send our out of state clients, and in state clients also, waivers. They sign those and then we’re able to appear for them and the goal is to prevent an insurance increase and a suspension of your license.

If you do not know what you’re doing and you go into court by yourself or you just pay a ticket online or you just mail it in and pay it, you are pleading guilty to whatever it is that you were charged with. Often times, that charge can sometimes suspend your license for 30 days, 60 days, up to a year. It can also cause an insurance increase for the next 3 years if you pay it off or if you do not know what you’re doing or if you don’t get it reduced.

Often times, your insurance increase will be more than it cost to hire an attorney. It’s beneficial to hire an attorney so that you get the right result, that you don’t have an insurance increase and you don’t lose your license. The costs depend on what type of matter it is. Obviously a traffic ticket is different from a criminal misdemeanor or a felony so it will depend on the speed that you were going. It will depend on your prior record and those types of thing. It’s a free consultation and when you call, we’ll talk to you and give you a quote and that quote will include the attorney’s fees, the court cost, the fine when you call our office.

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