I have prosecuted drug cases and have been a defense attorney for a number of years, defending those that are charged with drug cases. From marijuana to cocaine, to heroin, methamphetamine, prescription fraud. Unfortunately, there’s every drug you could imagine. People just think that it’s a simple matter, and I can go in and take care of it, but they don’t realize that there is long-term complications and effects and implications from just pleading guilty to anything, from a traffic ticket to a criminal misdemeanor to a felony.

Any type of criminal charge, misdemeanor drug charge, can stay on your record potentially for your lifetime. There are expungement laws, but the general rule is that when you’re convicted of a criminal offense, it stays on your criminal record. Employers might see that you have a criminal conviction and they might hire someone else over you. It can hinder you in a number of ways. I see a lot of cases and our firm sees a lot of cases of individual that are in the same car, they find marijuana in one particular place, but everyone in the car gets charged with it.

On simple possession cases, oftentimes it’s just a fine. It depends on a person’s prior record, and if they have a prior record. Sometimes it can be supervised probation, and then depending on the amount, it can be an active sentence. If a detective calls you and if they ask you to come in for questioning, then you know that at that point you are a target of an investigation. That’s the time when you really should get the attorney involved. If you’ve already been charged, if you’ve already bonded out, if you already have the charges and a court date, you would give us a call and we want to get involved as soon as we can so we can start our investigation to be able to better advise you about what your options are.

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