Burglary in Wilmington, NC

When we talk about crimes related to the taking of possessions of others, we might mistake robbery for burglary. However, these are actually very different things. A Wilmington criminal defense attorney will be able to help sort through these things. However, you may also give yourself a heads up by reading below.

A burglary offense has the potential to land you in prison for years, especially in other states. The tricky part is that other states actually have different laws on burglary such as North Carolina. Whether you were the mastermind of a burglary plot and regret what you did, or if you were along for the ride, a Wilmington criminal defense attorney can help you.

Burglary Charges

For North Carolina law, burglary is the “unlawful intrusion onto property or a building with the intent to commit a crime therein.” There are actually two kinds of burglary in North Carolina, divided by two degrees.

First Degree burglary is a Class D felony. It can land you in prison for a sentence of 64 to 80 months if you have no criminal record. This happens if you are accused of burglarizing someone’s home or dwelling when someone is present.

Second Degree burglary is if you burglarize a home when no one is at home. This is a Class G felony and can carry a sentence of 10 to 13 months if you have no criminal record. “No criminal record” is a key term here, as if you have a criminal record, the charges can actually be more severe.

There is the lightest form of burglary, called “breaking and entering,” which is similar to burglary but not that you enter a dwelling but instead a type of building. This can give you a Class H felony charge, especially if it’s proven you entered with the intent to commit a felony. This kind of felony can carry a presumptive sentence of 5 to 6 months if you have no criminal record.

Hire a Wilmington Defense Lawyer

It is always best to be aware or have some knowledge of the law as this might come in handy someday. It is also best to remember that North Carolina may have laws different from other states, and it is good to know some of these differences. It may someday help you, your family, or your friends if ever you find yourself in a delicate legal situation.

Feel free to contact a Wilmington criminal defense attorney should you find yourself in need of any legal advice. We will be glad to point you to the right direction and guide you to your best position in any legal situation.


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